Custody evaluations may be recommended or required by a family court or Guardian ad litem.


A custody evaluation involves obtaining an in-depth psychological evaluation on all parental parties that are being considered as potential legal guardians for the children involved in the case. Components included are a clinical interview, psychological inventories, and parental questionnaires given to each parent and the children involved in the case. Behavioral observations are also conducted with each parental party and the children in the natural environment of the parents’ home or else in the office of Dr. Harari. The custody evaluation is one additional piece of information to assist the trier of fact in deciding the best option for the children’s custodial arrangement. Dr. Harari will present diagnostic impressions of the parental parties and children, along with conclusions and recommendations for the family.


Sometimes the family court will recommend or require that each potential custodial parent is evaluated separately by a psychologist, without additionally evaluating the children or conducting a behavioral observation. These parental capacity evaluations consist of a clinical interview, psychological surveys, and parenting questionnaires from each potential parental party. The children involved in these cases are not seen by Dr. Harari in either a behavioral observation or to be evaluated. Dr. Harari will present diagnostic impressions of the parental parties, along with conclusions and recommendations for each individual evaluated.


The standard Dr. Harari utilizes is based on the assumption that the psychological test results will be thoroughly reviewed in a judicial setting (i.e., legally defensible). Therefore, Dr. Harari provides recommendations and concluding statements that are data-based and provides appropriate limitations depending on the circumstances during testing. Given the legally defensible standard that Dr. Harari utilizes, accuracy of information is a vital element in every psychological evaluation performed and subsequent written report. Each written report is carefully screened and proofread by at least one member of the experienced staff at Comprehensive Psychological Services, LLC.